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Hey Candy! How are you? :) I have a question: is it Peter and Mardie in this pic?

~~Yes! This is absolutely Pete and Mardie, Pete’s over 18 in this, note the cat tattoo on His arm. Thank you SO MUCH for submitting this! This is amazing.

Look at how He’s leaning on the rail AND bending His legs so He can hold Her… And the interlaced hands… D’awwww…. :3   What an adorable picture!


~~i utterly ADORE the look on Nettie’s face in that second picture! So very, very proud of Her Son…!  And of course, His Father is doing the ‘Dad thing’ of closing his eyes when the flash goes off…

Pete’s about 16 here. So, the far away world of 1978… that color of the curtains was called ‘Harvest Gold’ and it was immensely popular then.

Fallout band  (Heavy Metal) formed 1979 

Brooklyn, New York, USA

Past Members:

Peter Ratajczyk (Peter Steele) - (Lead Vocals, Bass Guitar)

John Campos - Guitar

Louie Beateaux (Agnostic front) - Drums

Josh Silver - Keyboards

Years active: 1979 - 1982

Untitled 7” single

Rock hard (side A)

Batteries not included (side B)

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